Success Stories

Over the years, Bridging the Gap Learning Center, Inc. has had an impact on many…and here are a couple success stories:

Crystal Tolbert
Crystal’s personal mission is clear – she wants to teach in the Milwaukee Public School System.

Crystal got an early start working with children from the community.  Three years ago, she responded to an email from her advisor about an opportunity to serve children in a tutoring capacity.  Crystal thought it sounded interesting and knew it would mesh with her academic calendar.

In addition to education, Crystal majors in English and has a deep interest in making literacy a reality for students in need.  She brought this specialty interest when she met Robert Byrd of Bridging the Gap and College of Education personnel.  The tutoring program for a broad section of children in the community (and housed in Marquette’s College of Education) was a perfect blending of worlds for Crystal and her commitment to social justice.  Click here to continue reading…

Albojay Deacon
An early mentor and friend, Robert A. Byrd, Jr., indicated that Albojay’s parents took advantage of the golf opportunity at Bridging the Gap for their son.  “They were very interested and motivated people in their son’s success.  This is the only way [the golf program] works.”  In fact, it is this kind of interest that is a determinant in any child’s success.  “Albojay’s parents already planted the seed of success.  Bridging the Gap just built on that.”

Albojay (a Riverside High School graduate) first enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences (declaring a major in Exercise Science) at Marquette University.  He comes from a family nexus that nurtures success.  Albojay’s three brothers are working professionals (Physical Therapist, Podiatrist, Chemist) and his sister is a Physical Therapist too, but initially completed Law School in Chicago and started her own law firm.  Albojay’s mom had rules to live by that all family members can still recite:  read your books, go to school and (for Albojay) “no girlfriend until after college.”  The message, like a script or mantra, was boldly written on the wall.  Click here to continue reading…