Bridging the Gap Learning Center, Inc. (BTG) is a 501c3 organization with a mission to educate, inspire and equip underserved youth and adults with the necessary tools and resources to develop and maintain successful futures and strong, productive communities. This is accomplished through a full range of educational, developmental and training programs and services which include:

Tutoring Program

BTG has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee and Marquette University to implement a youth tutoring program for high school students. The program is facilitated by the Allies of the Club, a student organization formed by the Boys & Girls Stein Scholar recipients.

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Student-Athlete Program

In the belief that athletics could be used as a means to achieve success beyond the athletic arena. In 2000, BTG created the first of its kind country golf training facility for youth and adults.  The facility features a small clubhouse with state-of-art putting green, hitting mats, turf, and netting.

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Job Training and Placement

Starting in 2013, BTG will offer a job training and placement program in the construction, cosmetology & hospitality industries. The program will entail an in-class training curriculum and on-the-job training that helps candidates develop the knowledge and skills needed to secure entry level or higher positions.

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Entrepreneurial Training

Starting in 2013, BTG will offer a entrepreneurial training program to prepare and support entrepreneurs in all facets of starting and running a successful business.  In addition, space will physically be available inside the center for entrepreneurs to set up shop and run their businesses on site.

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Professional Services

Once the entrepreneurial training program is fully functional, professional services (banking, legal, accounting, human resources and printing) will be available to entrepreneurs at discounted rates.  BTG understands that affordable access to these types of services is crucial to helping businesses succeed.

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